Let’s Love Beyond Chieftaincy Dispute – Bimbilla


The Nanung Traditional Council has called on all Nanumbas to move on from the over a decade-long chieftaincy dispute which was settled by the Supreme Court on the 25th of May 2018.

He urged them to now focus on the development of the area.

This appeal was conveyed in a speech read by the Regent of Bimbilla and acting President of the Nanung Traditional Council, His Royal Majesty, Nyelinboligu Naa Yakubu Andani Dassana, at a maiden meeting of the traditional council in Bimbilla.

The regent noted that, the area has been in the news for negative reasons, and that time has come for them to put aside their differences and fight the common enemy of underdevelopment and inequality.

“We are ready to work without any form of discrimination and selective treatment. We have to join hands and work together in the interest of the well-being of our people. Let us look beyond our interests to consider the interests of Nanung at large. We owe Nanung and it’s people a duty to renew our sense of belongingness, so we can achieve peace, stability and development for all. It’s important that our individual paths are geared towards the development of the kingdom”.

Nyelinboligu Naa Yakubu Andani Dassana bemoaned the state of underdevelopment of the area, as a result of the chieftaincy dispute.

“We have been disadvantaged as a result of our current inability to arrive at a consensus on this chieftaincy dispute. Our battle for socio-economic and political development have all been rendered fruitless, we have become the victims of political discrimination, insecurity, and human rights abuse.”

He appealed to the sons and daughters of the kingdom to bring their expertise on board to develop the land and avoid acts that are retrogressive.

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“If you are the one with the expertise to our development, we would knock at your door politely to ask for it. It would then be left to you to choose between the development of Nanung and holding onto the shame of something that has never helped us.”

The regent, however warned the so-called chieftaincy contractors whose aim is to see Nanung kingdom destroyed to stay off the case and allow the royals to settle themselves.

“It is high time we leave what is for royals to them and concentrate on our human development. There are too many chieftaincy contractors in the system whose aim is to destroy us, and some royals enjoy the benefit of creating enmity between the throne and its own visitors.”

“We are not violent people by nature, but politicians have taken advantage of our hungry youth. I urge the youth to understand that theirs is not to be deceived into fighting one another, but to come together to design policies and projects that would help project Nanung.”

He therefore warned politicians to be careful with Nanung issues and avoid playing politics with them.

“Politicians are supposed to be agents of development not for division and retrogression. No matter the political party in government or opposition, if your actions pose a threat to the development of our kingdom, you should be preparing a different Bimbilla for your activities. No politician is relevant until your actions serve the basic needs of the people. Be ready to face us if you go contrary to the customs and tradition of Nanung, we shall not be subjects of political manipulation and disrespect “ he warned.

Nyeliboligu Naa Yakubu Andani Dassana also appealed to the government “to consider creating additional constituency through consultations with the Nanung Traditional Council and relevant stakeholders. We are optimistic that this when considered would beautify the process and lead to a smooth implementation”.