26 Year Old Loverboy Being Beaten By A Sugar Mommy For Cheating On Her


Some sugar mommies can get jealous and this story is a case of one sugar mommy who couldn’t take it when her loverboy cheated on her. Several reports say that the woman who is known as Maggie beat up this 26-year-old boy after she allegedly caught him red-handed making love with another girl in her own car.

The incident happened in Lusaka, Zambia and according to several reports on websites in Zambia, the woman, who’s also a businesswoman got angry and beat the boy up like her own son.

Ha! I never knew sugar mommies didn’t want their lovers to date other people ooo. Share your thoughts on this in comments.

Maybe Ebony should use this story to do a story for all the sugar mommies and sugar daddies as well.