‘How does my getting married put food on your table ‘- Jessica Opare-Saforo


Jessica Opare Saforo, co-host of Celebrity Fanzone on GH One TV has cautioned against pressurizing single ladies to get married against their will.

Addressing issues related to relationships and the pressure society often mounts on unmarried ladies, the beautiful presenter insisted that she finds the societal classification regarding relationship titles very unfair and quipped, “How does my getting married put food on your table?”

“We all get the pressure from family and friends. You hear it every day, when are you getting married? Whose business is it? Why do you care? How does my getting married put food on your table?

“A guy is called Mr. for his entire life whether he is married or not. A woman is called Miss and then possibly Mrs. There are all these classifications to show a woman or to straight away tell the status of a woman and it is so unfair. For me there should be a whole campaign of women even dropping this Mrs. thing. My name is Jessica, whether I am married or not shouldn’t matter,” she argued.

Actress and TV presenter Gloria Sarfo, who was also a guest on the show last Saturday backed Jessica’s arguments and indicated that she is bound to get married at a point in time but will do so at her own timing.

“I will definitely get married but I won’t allow anyone to pressure me into getting married. I will marry when I am ready,” she stated.