Back Pain: Common Causes And Remedies – Natural Health Tip


Backaches are one of the most common ailments prevalent today.

Some causes of backache are; Sedentary living habits, stressful life, nerves, nutritional deficiencies, kidney infection, prostate problems, female pelvic disorder, bladder, and even constipation can be felt on the lower back.

Back pain is very common during pregnancy, due to Carrying a child internal organs putting a huge amount of pressure on the lower spine. Other causes of back pain can be poor postural habits, strains, microtrauma, muscle tension and Traumatic injuries or accidents such as vertebral fractures; lumbar strains and sprains;

• Regular back and abdominal exercises can keep your back in excellent physical condition.

• Sleep on your side (in an “S” shape) or place pillows between your knees to provide comfort to your back.

• If you lift heavy objects, bend at the hips and knees, and keep your back straight.

• Wear flat shoes with a good arch support if you stand for long periods of time.

• Take regular breaks and move around rather than sit or stand in one position for several hours.

• Reduce the weight of your handbag, as a heavy load creates stress on your spine.

• Avoid wearing high heeled shoes, as they can lead to back pain.

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Remedies for Back Pain

• Two or three cloves(Garlic) should be taken every morning.

• Ginger paste and eucalyptus oil could be applied on the affected area.

• Heat the coconut oil or sesame oil on low flame adding 8 pieces of garlic in it. When mixture became cool, apply it and give massage on the affected area with light hands. Keep it for 3-4 hours. Take bath with warm water.

• Vitamin C rich foods are good in relieving pain of backache. One should eat 2,000 mg of vitamin C everyday. Orange, grapes and pineapple etc are fruits which are rich in vitamin C and it is cure for back pain.