Benefits of Nutmeg – Healing Herbs


Nutmeg is Sedative, stimulant, relaxant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericide, etc.

• It is an effective liver and kidney detoxifier.

• Nutmeg powder (about 2 to 5gm), mixed with apple juice or banana, is used as a specific remedy for diarrhea caused by indigestion.

• It can help clear up congestion due to colds

• A regular massage of the abdomen with nutmeg oil, three weeks before delivery is believed to be very helpful for child birth.

• Its paste mixed with honey is given to infants who cry at night for no apparent reason, to induce sleep.

• Its oil helps in removing bad breath. It is also antiseptic in nature and is effective for toothaches and aching gums.

• It can help eliminate fatigue and stress. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression.

• It is use in aching joints, muscle pain, arthritis, sores and other ailments.

• It is also used to treat gum problems and toothaches.

• It is best in acne marks, making skin healthier ,for acne marks mix some nutmeg powder with some honey to make a paste, then apply to the acne marks.

• If you have difficulty sleeping at night, drink a cup of milk with some nutmeg powder. This will help you achieve relaxation and will induce sleep.