Ear Infection: Common Causes And Remedies


The human ear is composed of the inner ear, middle ear, and the outer ear. Infection can attack any of these parts and one part can usually infect the others. External otitis affects the outer ear, sometimes it comes after cold or flu or some other kind of upper respiratory infection.

Remedies for Ear Problem

• Take Vitamin C to help boost the immune system and fight infection.

• Zinc is also helpful in reducing ear infection.

• Take garlic oil or olive oil, place a few drops in the ear and plug it with cotton this will help with pain.

• If the ear is red, hot and painful specially after exposure to cold temperature, use Aconite,this homeopathic remedy is excellent for ear infection.

• If you have ear infection, fill 3 to 5 drops of coconut oil in your infected ear and close with cotton before going to bed.

• Clean your ears daily with water while taking bath, which will prevents you from earache & infections.

• Use ear buds to clean your ears [not deeper or inner part] after having head bath.

• When you take bath or came from outside, you should clean your ears properly by rubbing gently with your fingers and then clean with ear buds [not deeper or inner part] to avoid formed dust in or near to ears.

• If you can’t hear properly, then close your ears for a moment and open it gently to hear properly.

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