FAKE: Purported letter from Ghana Consulate General in Turkey in relation to a scheduled flight to Ghana- Ministry of Foreign Affairs 


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has described as fake, a purported letter claimed to have been issued by the Ghana Consulate General in Istanbul on 19th of April, 2012.

The said letter which went viral on social media claims that the Ghana Consulate General in Istanbul received a message from the Immigration Department of Turkey Foreign Ministry indicating a Turkish Flight being scheduled to set off to Accra and Abidjan on the 25th April 2020 at 9pm from Istanbul Airport.

According to the letter, this flight was meant for Ghanaian nationals who have bought flight tickets to travel to these two destinations but couldn’t do so because of the sudden closure of airport due to COVID-19 pandemic.

They were therefore Directed to get in touch with Turkish Airlines centre to confirm their tickets at no extra charge, whilst those without tickets and are interested in going home too were advised to buy tickets at the centre as well.

According to the said letter the airline has only few seats available, and was expected to set off from Instabul at 9pm today, the 25th of April, 2020.

This ministry made this information available to the public via their official Facebook page.


The purpoted Fake letter from Ghana’s Consulate in Turkey