Government Should Introduce Capital Punishment To Deal With Reckless Driving And Road Accidents – Alhaji PMC


The National Treasurer for National Democratic Congress (NDC) Alhaji Abdallah Ahmed Abdallah aka Alhaji PMC has suggested to the government to introduce capital punishment as a stiffer punishment for drivers who through carelessness or impatience cause road accidents.

He said the rate at which road accidents are claiming precious lives must be of a great concern, and the most of the accidents are caused by the drivers, and the capital punishment will make the drivers drive with more care.

His suggestion came at the death of Ghanaian dancehall queen Ebony Reigns through car accident on Kumasi-Sunyani road, which people are allegedly blaming on a reckless driving by her driver.

Speaking on Otec FM’s political talk show on Thursday, February 15, 2018, Alhaji Abdallah, who is the Director of PMC Africa Construction Limited, said “all that the law can deal with drivers killing people is to place fines on them or giving them jail sentences, but if these people are also killed, their colleagues will learn lessons from them and drive carefully.”

“During military era, if a driver commits a road offence, either it claimed a life or not, the person on a table in a public view and given not less than 100 lashes, and you could see that it deterred other drivers from misbehaving on the road,” he said.

‘’If a car is supposed to take 14 passengers and the driver takes more than the required number, during the military regime, the driver will be lashed according to the figure, you could see that it brought discipline on our roads,” he added.