I Need License To Start ‘Wee’ Farm – Ghanaian Coach


Ghanaian coach, Nana Kwaku Agyemeng, says he wants license to start ‘wee’ farming so he wants government to soften law on cannabis.

According to the former Okwawu United and Eleven Wise gaffer, the country can earn a lot of money with cannabis business, and that is the kind of business he wanted to invest in.

“I want a license where I can grow cannabis legitimately and export it to other countries who have a proper research and development department that can turn this into serious medicine to help us all and generate revenue for government through taxes,” he told Class FM.

The tough talking coach stressed that marijuana as a crop has not been looked at properly because of societal stigma it comes as a result of people who gain side effects from smoking it.

“I think we need to take a second look and have a national debate because there is a serious lack of understanding. Cannabis has been bastardised as something that Rastafarians just put in there and smoke but it is much more than that.”