Nose Bleeding: Common Causes And Remedies


The cause of interior nosebleeds is sometimes unknown, but they can be caused by a number of things, including; picking your nose, particularly if you scratch the inside of your nose with a sharp fingernail, blowing your nose very hard, a minor injury to your nose, a blocked or stuffy nose often caused by an infection such as a cold or flu, Sinusitis , dry climate, Hay fever or other Allergies, high altitude, prolonged use of nose drops, Vitamin C deficiency.

Remedies for Nose Bleeding

• Take a cloth or cotton ball and wet it with white vinegar. Plug it in the nostril that’s bleeding. Vinegar helps seal up the blood vessel wall.

• DON’T smoke. Smoking irritates and dries out nasal passages. Stay out of smoky environments,

• Take 500 mg of bioflavonoids twice a day if you do not eat several servings of fruit daily.

• Putting a few drops of castor oil, vitamin E or zinc oxide in your nose each day will prevent recurring nosebleeds.

• Avoid spicy and fried foods

• If you trim your nose hairs, consider plucking the hairs entirely opposite the area that tends to bleed.

• Use an ice pack on the nose. Cold causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow, swelling and inflammation.

• Sit up straight and tip your head slightly forward. Tilting the head back may cause the blood to run down the throat

• After your nosebleed has stopped, use a cotton swab to apply an antibiotic ointment to the inside of your nose. This will kill bacteria and keep your nose moist.

• Drink plenty of water!

• First words of wisdom: “Don’t lie down!” Always keep your head elevated and above your heart. Breathe through your mouth.

• Using almost the same technique as above, press the outside of the upper lip just below the nose with your thumb and forefinger and hold for several minutes. This is a vital acupressure point

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