You can lock yourself down, if you disagree with the president lifting of ban


You can lock down yourself, if you disagree with the president decision of lifting the ban on restrictions

I am trying very hard to understand the effort of NDC but to no avail. If Ghanaians can remember vividly as at the time this covid-19 was an epidemic in China, most of the opposition NDC were putting pressure on the government to bring back all Ghanaian students in China to Ghana.

But the wise knowledgeable president Nana Akuffo Addo didn’t pay heed to their incompetence agenda. Like we would have been doomed by now.

Again, as at the time the recorded two confirmed cases the president made attempt to close all borders ,airways and make available 100 million dollars to combat this covid-19. The opposition again bombarded the government by saying, that there is no covid-19 in the country rather the president is looking for avenue to misappropriate the money.

Luckily enough, Ghana is blessed with competent president, for that matter he decided not to pay heed to the mere spectators, so he placed mandatory quarantine on all people that travel to Ghana, especially those coming from affected countries. This yielded significant results and save all of us including NDC.

Moreover,The president effort to safeguard the lives of Ghanaian, decided to for the first time introduced partial lockdown in greater Accra, Tema, Kasao and greater Kumasi. Has experienced a lot of set back from NDC. They tried to undermine this very important agenda.

The main purpose of the lockdown is to do massive and aggressive contact tracing in order to fish out all positive people with Covid 19. It is obvious that government has achieve this purpose. During this abnormal times government decided to absorb all water bill for Ghanaian. It baffles me that well meaning NDC are saying absorbing water bill for Ghanaian will worsen the conditions. The question is how? The president again decided to give tax free and 50% Of salaries for Frontline workers as allowances,together with free electricity for life line users and for vulnerable and 50% to other users.The president decided again to, provide food stuff for the people, NDC were complaining that some don’t have cooking utensils therefore cooked meal will be better. Government turn to this and started providing the hot meal . NDC started doing their propaganda again that they are sharing the food to only NPP members.

Finally, the government lifted the ban and encourage the public to observe the preventive measures , NDC again is making unnecessary noise that government has chosen politics over science.

Fellow Ghanaian, just remain good citizen but not incompetence NDC spectators.