Pastor runs mad after praying for a mad man


Wonders they say, shall never end and its certainly true, judging from several strange occurrences that take place across the length and breadth of the world.

Residents of Oke-Ado a suburb of Oyo State in Nigeria watched a drama involving a pastor and a mad man.

Pastor Timothy, according to eyewitness got to town in Oke-Ado in the early evenings (around 5 pm) and met a mentally deranged man who was seated in front of a building in the area.

According to the eyewitness, the pastor began to read the Bible on sighting the mad man and eventually moved closer to him and laid the hand on his head.

At a point the mad man removed the pastors hand from his head, and suddenly a strange spirit got hold of the pastor and he began to remove his cloth.

He was naked and laid flat on the ground speaking a strange language, with foam oozing out of his mouth.

The mad man, it was gathered, initially left him in this position and sat at some distance away from the pastor, before the duo later sat closer to each other, while onlookers watched the strange drama.

The pastor remained in a state of insanity until the Nigerian Tribune left the scene of the incident.