Residents Threaten To Block Road Linking To The District Assembly – Sagnarigu District


The residents of Kpane in the Sagnarigu district of the Northern region have threatened to block the only road that links the district capital (Sagnarigu) to the assemble for neglecting them.

The several kilometer-road links the district capital (Sagnarigu) through Kukuo to Kpane and to Kasalgu and back to the main business city (Tamale)

Portions of the road especially the part linking to the community and several others are in bad shape due to the potholes that look like homes for elephants and Lions on it that causes vehicles

including motorbikes to fall when using it.
But the assembly constructed the road from Sagnarigu up to the District Assembly, cutting off Kpane and many other communities.

This has made using the road just about a hand’s length from the district assembly to the community a hectic one as cars and Tricycles continue to fall on it every day.

But the district assembly according to the residents have paid a death year to their several plead to put the road in good shape so that they can also have access to the main business town (Tamale)

“This is not the first time a car is falling here, this is the fourth one in the past 4 months” a resident complained

But always government will promise that it be done soon, when? Until someone or many people die before? he asked

The annoying factor according to the residents is that the district assembly is situated on the land of the community and yet nothing good comes to them.

“The Sagnarigu district capital is on the land of kpane, we own that land, but we don’t get anything. Our roads are not good, we have problems in terms of water and many others ” he added

The residents who spoke with heavy hearts to Northernnewsgh said they are fed up with the several unfulfilled promises made to them by both present and past governments to get the road constructed.

They claimed the road has been awarded the contract during the NDC era but is yet to be fully constructed.

“The DCE herself was here some weeks ago, and the chief questioned her about the delays in getting the road constructed, but she said she was surprised to hear that. According to her, the road on papers has been fully constructed and tiled” one of them said.

“If on papers the road is being constructed but in reality, it is not, what are you doing as a DCE? he questioned

They said every year, the contractor comes with excavators to level the road with the hope of finishing it but runs away until another year.

The residents, therefore, threatened to block the road at the Sagnarigu end of the road to the assembly, so that nobody can use it till their demands are met.

They said if the district assembly does not respond to their pleads, they will come out to demonstrate against the government especially, the DCE Hon Mariam Mohammed.