Skin Burns: Degrees And Remedies


In minor skin burns herbs and homeopathic medicines have remarkable success reliving pain and speeding up healing. First degree burn can be treated by home remedies. Second and Third degree burns need immediate attention to doctor.

Remedies for Skin Burns

• Applying beaten egg on the burns cures it.

• Apply ice packs to the burnt area for 10-15 minutes.

• Alovera is highly effective in treating skin burns. So apply alovera gel on the burnt area.

• Applying papaya fruit over the burnt area helps in curing burns.

• Apply olive oil or sunflower oil on burns. This heals the scalds, blisters.

• Apply liquid paraffin or petroleum jelly on burns. This reduces cracks in skin and prevents infection.

• Applying extract of onion juice over the burn. This relieves pain.

• Take Vitamin C tablet.

• Take vitamin E needed to prevent scarring.

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