VIDEO : Ayitey Powers Beats Baba Spirit Live On Tv


Ghanaian Controversial Boxer Michael Okine alias Ayitey Powers and comedian Baba Spirit exchange serious blows on Live TV.

Ghanaian boxer, Ayittey Powers, was caught on camera beating comedian Baba Spirit on a live TV program on Amansan TV Monday evening, after the comedian allegedly used unpalatable words tease him.

I’m Tired Of Being Loved

Known for his jokes, Baba Spirit many at times tease people with words but he was unlucky this time, after Ayittey Powers got angry and started throwing punches left and right like he used to do in the ring.

It had to take the host, crew members including the cameramen and directors to separate the two live on Amansan TV.

Powers before the unexpected incident said: “If I know like you people will invite this guy, like I won’t come,” but Baba Spirit replied him….”What can you do” and that responds got the boxer irked.

It will be recalled that Baba Spirit vowed to beat Powers like a woman in August 2017 and that might have brought up the unfortunate incident on TV.