VIDEO: Police Officer Brutalize Woman Over GH250 In A Bank


There is outrage on social media over an act of police brutality as a video circulating on social media shows a police officer on guard duty at Midlands Savings and Loans beat up a woman who was holding a baby.

The assault occurred at the Shiashie branch of the savings and loans company.

This comes at a time the police are under immense scrutiny following the allegations of police brutality from the Zongo community in Kumasi after seven men suspected to robbers were killed by police.

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Though what sparked the confrontation is unclear, a lot of the people reacting to the incident insist that the action of the police officer was totally unjustified.

The police officer is seen holding onto the woman and hitting her multiple times with an umbrella, as she tries to wrestle away.

Some bystanders eventually rescue the baby from the incident as the officer drags the woman to the floor.

The officer also lands several punches to the head of the wailing woman who appeared to be trying to withdraw GHc 250.

Some incensed Ghanaians have demanded that the officer lose his job for assaulting the woman.