WATCH: Ritual Snake Kills Sakawa Boy


Residents of Damongo in the Northern Region got the shock of their lives when a python strangled a man to death.

The eyewitnesses claimed the python might have been starved for a period of time.

The deceased, who was initially rushed to the hospital, has since been buried by the family.

DAILY GUIDE gathered that a known spiritualist at Damongo asked his aide called Samed Adam, to go for the python from the shrine.

Reports said the spiritualist usually uses the python to perform magic and vomit money for clients at Damongo.

An eyewitness Tahiru Mohammed said he was in his shop when he saw the deceased and another person travelling on a motorbike to the location of his master, adding that the python, which was around the neck of the deceased, started coiling and eventually strangled him to death.

“At about 5pm I saw two young men on a motorbike, the deceased had a big snake around his neck so when they got close to my shop I realized the snake was coiling so he got off the motorbike and tried to jump over the gutter but unfortunately fell into it.”

According to him, some residents tried to rescue the deceased but the python attempted to attack them.

He indicated that the motor rider rushed to inform the spiritualist about the incident.

The master of the deceased, who quickly moved to the scene, realized that the snake could not be controlled and ordered the residents to kill the reptile.

“The spiritualist came to the scene and threw a shirt on the snake but he realized that it was so wild so he asked that the snake be killed and residents stoned it to death.”

Watch video below: